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Washer and Dryer Repair Services


To repair washers and dryers in the Greater Houston area, Star TV and Appliance Services is your first and best choice for prompt, reliable, courteous and accountable service. That's right: We guarantee your satisfaction. We're specialists in repair of branded company machine likes Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool frontloading washers and dryers, and we are on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. As a family-owned enterprise in business since 1986, we are experienced, trustworthy and proud of our All-American standard of service.


Dryer repair services are cost effective, great for our environment and extend the life of the dryer. Whether you have a gas or an electric dryer, to diagnose the root of the problem can be tricky, it is best to call dryer repair professionals to get the job done right the first time.

Many of the problems with the dryer may need disassembly and should not be attempted by an average person due to a chance of injury. Here are some common symptoms that you may experience with your dryer:

  • It won't start
  • It overheats
  • There's no heat
  • It won't tumble
  • Drying is too slow
  • It doesn't work at all
  • It seems to run forever
  • There's an error code on the digital display
  • The light doesn't work
  • It makes grinding and squeaking noises
  • It blows fuses or trips the circuit breaker
  • The clothes are marked or torn
  • The clothes smell bad!

Our dryer repair specialists are factory trained and certified to deal with all your dryer problems. Star TV and Appliance prides itself in doing all the work up to building code and offers one of the best warranties in the business. Also, please be advised, according to all national and local building codes, white vinyl is no longer considered a safe material for the vent ducts. The white vinyl ducting is flammable and may start a fire if ignited by the drier. Our certified technicians are qualified to replace the vinyl ducting with the recommended rigid aluminum tubing or less expensive, flexible aluminum ducting. Many dryers can run for years with proper maintenance and in turn save you thousands of dollars.


Our Washer Repair service technicians specialize in all major brand washers. The complexities in the mechanisms of a washer require tests to diagnose and pin-point the cause of the problem. Be assured our factory trained technicians can get your washer back to doing your laundry again in no time.

Whether you have a Top-Loading, Front-loading, compact, or a commercial washer you will need an expert to get it serviced or repaired due to the multitude of parts and timing cycles which have to work together in order for a washing machine to hum peacefully while gently agitating and cleaning our garments. Because washing machines perform so many operations, it is a bit difficult to diagnose the cause of the problem. Problems can occur in either the electrical or the plumbing systems. Some of the external manifestations of the internal misalignments in the washing machine may be presented as follows:

  • There's an error code on the digital display
  • Washing machine doesn't work at all
  • It won't drain
  • It doesn't spin
  • It doesn't agitate
  • It's noisy
  • It leaks
  • It's off balance
  • There's no hot water
  • There's no cold water
  • It's slow to fill
  • There's no water at all
  • The clothes are wet after spinning
  • The cycle doesn't advance
  • There's no delicate or regular spin or agitate
  • It's overfilling
  • It's under filling
  • The water temperature is incorrect
  • It doesn't pump or spin
  • It pumps, but doesn't spin






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