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When you call Star TV and Appliance Service for your in-door air comfort needs, you will talk with someone who cares, who will treat you fairly and  honestly, and provide you with the information you need to make a solid decision on your replacement or repair needs. We feel every customer deserves to be treated with honesty, integrity and dependability – we take pride in our work and our customers appreciate the care in which we handle every job.



Air Conditioners
Air conditioners are normally whole house systems that provide cool air to your home. We provide service, installation and maintenance of quality energy rated systems. We will diagnose and troubleshoot your system to insure your needs meet your comfort level.


Furnaces provide heating for your home. Our trained technicians will insure that your system is running properly by inspecting and repairing all the necessary parts of your furnace, regardless of the fuel type you use to produce heat.



Heat Pumps
Heat pumps literally move heat from one place to another. Making sure that your system is properly operating is important in maintaining your home comfort levels. If you need inspection, repair or installation of any component of your system from the outside condensing unit and the refrigerant lines, to your air handler, call us.


Air Handler

The air handler is the principle air delivery system for your heating and air conditioning equipment. Comprised of various parts, we troubleshoot and diagnose issues that will keep the air moving within your home.


Boiler systems deliver heated water or steam to points throughout your home to meet your heating needs. Our services include installation and inspection of your boiler, the heat source and piping system for your continued peace of mind.


Ductwork/Indoor Air Quality
Maintaining quality indoor air is important to the health of your family, as well as, your Heating and Air Conditioning system. If you need inspection and or ductwork cleaning, call us. The return air duct, the supply duct and return air intakes to make sure that your system is operating properly and minimizes the amount of pollutants.



Thermostats are devices that control the call for heating or cooling. Our expert technicians will evaluate your needs, make recommendations, and install the best solution to meet your heating and air conditioning needs.






Some of the Zip Codes we service are 77477, 77459, 77489, 77478, 77479, 77583, 77545, 77469, 77471, 77099, 77036, 77072



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